What does KAB cover?

An intro to the services that Kansai Art Beat will offer.

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What does KAB cover?

Kansai Art Beat features the art and design events across the Kansai area of Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo, Nara, Wakayama, Shiga, Mie Prefectures.

We are:
Bilingual: All of our services are provided in English and Japanese
Neutral, independent, and non-profit: Our autonomy allows us to encompass all the art – events from the big museums to the small galleries
Comprehensive: Covering as widely as possible the diverse art events of Kansai

KAB Services

Website “Kansai Art Beat”

Providing an online search engine and information service listing art events across the Kansai region, with filters by popularity, area and genre making it easier for you to find the events you want to see. You can also register as user, bookmark events which grab your interest and then receive emails reminding you to go and see the exhibition before it’s too late. (Registration is free)

Kansai Art Beat official apps(iOS/Android)

The Kansai version of Tokyo Art Beat’s range of applications which allow you to make art part of your lifestyle. Applications are available for both iOS and Android and include not only the full website but also the ability to search close by exhibitions by GPS, allowing you to visit shows on the spur of the moment.

Kansai Art Beat newsletter

Delivering 1-2 free issues a month of art news and the latest events from the unique KAB perspective.
– To subscribe in Japanese click here
– To subscribe in English click here

Kansai Art Beat SNS official accounts

We regularly introduce the latest movements in the Kansai art scene through Facebook and Twitter.

Japanese page
English page


KAB Team

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