Yasuko Masuda "MY08"

Galeria Los Cuatro Gatos

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This event has ended.

The artist has drawn a variety of things in a variety colors.

[Image: Yasuko Masuda "My" (2008) 388x540 Color Pencil]



from May 29, 2008 at 12:00 to June 03, 2008 at 17:00


Yasuko Masuda



yasu: (2008-05-29 at 21:05)

色鉛筆と螺旋で 表現。

色鉛筆と螺旋 :
人みたいに 絡まったり繋がったり。

This exhibition is " COLOR PENCIL + SPIRAL "

color pencil : strong and light ..... the gradient of feeling.

spiral line : tangles and intersects .....as we relate to each other.

Good things and Bad things : the beauty of permitting everything when nothing is true.

soho: (2008-06-02 at 20:06)

Really beautiful works on display. Ms. Masuda's excellent control of color and line create images that are at times warm or cool, but always calming and alluring. The manner in which the drawings are rendered using circular and spiral line motifs creates near tactile texture in the mind and it made this writer think about warm and soft wool.

Ms. Masuda created comforting and calming images from seemingly random, but very colorful line patterns. A must see for those seeking a calming and relaxing experience.

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