Ryusuke Ito + Yumi Nakata “Diorama and Panorama: Diverting Realities”

Kyoto Art Center

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This event has ended.

New Incubation is a series of exhibitions which provide opportunity for veteran and young artists to meet and stimulate each other. This exhibition project is organized with the aim to grasp contemporary art from new perspectives through the dynamics which spring from such combinations, which also creates a challenging place for both artists and viewers.
In the 8th New Incubation, works by Ryusuke Ito and Yumi Nakata with the theme of “diorama” and “panorama” are introduced. Diorama and panorama are originally theatrical devices to illuminate a scenery or landscape combining backdrops and three-dimensional miniature models. In this exhibition, we would shift our perspective from the realism itself to the gap and fluctuation of the reality caused by such visionary systems. This exhibition is composed by the series of works by each of the two artist, “Realistic Virtuality” and “Background of Background”.
Both Ryusuke Ito and Yumi Nakata create multi-media art works by making use of the illusionary forms of panorama and diorama. Their works bring about the loss of sense of scale, and cause confusion of perspective by highlighting the “parallax” of diverted realities. The sense of reality changes as we get used to various visual materials such as film, photography, painting, and cartoon etc.. The two artists seems to examine the multilayered realities by implementing meta-perspective with reference to rules and clichés in our visual culture. Their works represent the contemporary reality, that emerges through coming and going between the real and the unreal.



from 6月 10, 2016 at 10:00 to 7月 18, 2016 at 20:00
Closes at 17:00 from Jul.14 - 16.



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