"Skins of Contemporary Art" Exhibition

The National Museum of Art, Osaka

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While “skin” is the covering that provides the body with its shape, it is also the “surface” that is cut and carved, painted and drawn on. In addition, it is through the “skin”'s function as a sensory organ that we receive stimulation from the outside, and make contact with the world. “Skin,” therefore, plays an undeniably important role in our lives.
In contemporary art, countless artists have approached “skin” in a variety of ways, including Orlan, whose performances are based on altering her own body with plastic surgery; Jan Fabre, who creates dresses by completely covering the body with insects; and Hayashi Tomoko, whose work deals with physical contact between lovers who are separated by great distances.
These artists focus on the delicacy of the “skin” and the nature of human existence through our relationship with the world, while also reexamining the problem of “surface” in art.
The exhibition presents works by eleven artists from Europe, Asia, and the U.S. that date from the 1990s to the present in an exploration of how contemporary art deals with the concept of “skin.”
*Exhibiting at B3F

Artist Talk: October 2nd (Tue) 14:00- at B3F exhibition space
Lecturer: Exhibiting artists

Lecture "The Horizon of Skin Theory in Art": October 13th (Sat) 14:00- at B1F
Lecturer: Atsushi Tanigawa (Professor at Kokugakuin University)

[Image: Jan Fabre "Wall of Ascending Angels" (1993) Jewel beetles on iron net, courtesy of the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art Kanazawa (c) Jan Fabre]



from October 02, 2007 to December 02, 2007



donald_japantimes: (2007-11-08 at 04:11)

Skin goes only so deep
A popular theme of recent times, but one stretched too far, perhaps
By Matthew Larking
Special to The Japan Times

Nothing has changed since Aristotle noted a couple of thousand years ago that "it is not possible without considerable disgust to look upon the blood, flesh and similar parts of which the human body is constructed." Much here in "Skin of/in Contemporary Art" is not pretty.


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