Joan Garcia “Kamishinden Fantasy”

Former Shinden Elementary School

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Portuguese Photographer (and French resident) João Garcia, who has singular vision and discerning eyes, perceives sentient movement and transformation of people, things, and surroundings. He conveys this transformation to us through his work: photos and videos. Residing and working at Toyonaka (North Osaka), he will create a fantasy with the theme “Memory (Silent Voice).” Former Shinden Elementary School, a tangible cultural asset of Osaka and located in the Kamishinden area in Toyonaka, is the exhibition venue. The Kamishinden area has houses and roads built during the Edo period, reminding us of old and corrective memories. Certain places here have undergone land development, which along with the advancement in the readjustments of Senri-Chuo are creating new, fractional, and individual memories. “Kamishinden Fantasy” is a crystal image that Mr. Garcia will project as the future, after spending a month in the Kamishinden area, walking, experiencing, and encountering new things, and meeting and talking to people of diverse backgrounds. This new fiction will hopefully be part of future memories. The exhibition starts at dusk, enabling observation of the changes in light and the school space under the canopy of the night.

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from November 01, 2014 at 16:00 to November 05, 2014 at 21:00


Joan Garcia



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