NecroVisioN - Lost Company: Preview Friv Game

We all remember the Friv game NecroVisioN (or rather, not all, but I, for sure, wrote about it). I remember this toilet shooter first of all because it braked wildly, although she could not show any beauties. The terrible slowness was especially offensive in the battles with the bosses, which caused truly inhuman anger. In addition, there were still serious problems - imbalance, poor graphics, unrealized dynamics in some places. In general, relative to Painkiller, the monsters turned out to be too strong, and in comparison with Wolfenstein there were too many of them. And the Friv game lacked something from above - maybe realism; maybe recklessness; maybe the professionalism of the developers (so as not to give off garbage and knees). In general, did NecroVisioN haveclaims - it is not known, but Friv5Online drew some forgotten ideas from the ground of oblivion for a reason. So one of the main features of the Friv game is shooting with two hands in Macedonian style, as it was in the beloved and to this day Blood. And in general, the leaven of the plot was not, frankly, bad and banal - the First World War is not a frequent topic, and even zombies and devilish monsters in this setting - even more so.

Someone at 1C, apparently, liked the potential of the Friv game, so the publishers contacted the developers and took them under their wing (it is not known for certain who contacted whom, so the opposite is likely). “Money is ours, work is yours” - we can guess an exemplary dialogue. On that and decided. We took an old blank, brought it to mind, got rid of brakes and lags. It's true about optimization. The Friv game was demonstrated openly, everyone could come up and check that everything was very fast, smooth and comfortable. The configuration of the cars, of course, did not work out, but in a personal conversation (all in the same 1C basement ) I was assured that even the maximum settings were sharpened for very popular cars.

Now, in order - what happened this time, because in the original we (I don't know about you, but I - for sure) defeated all the villains, made the most important demon "bo-bo", slammed the gates of hell, saved the world, became a superhero ... Somehow it doesn't fit, where did the sequel come from? The developers made a simple and already rather worn-out move - they came up with a prequel. In the last Friv game, Simon Buckner, as it were, accidentally stumbles upon zombies, they are a cane from the German side, and he moves to visit them. But it turns out that it all did not start so suddenly and immediately. The devilish forces were raging in the German camp for some time - while they were being studied. And then, when the experiment got out of control, everything went awry, people began to eat each other, lost (in the literal sense of the word) faces, behaved indecently and in a hooligan manner.

What are we going to do? Of course, to sort out all this dregs, which the high bosses experimented with. We take a pistol in one hand, a sword in the other and, just as before, we go to exterminate evil spirits of all stripes. We will again meet cute zombies in spiked helmets, ghosts, all kinds of demonic guys, already familiar to us from the previous part. The novelty will be very energetic Scottish zombies, which cover the dead bodies with a piece of slate. I would like to say a special thank you to these monsters, they freed me a demo computer - the player simply could not cope with the persistent enemy in a skirt. It is interesting that this very commonplace comrade in general increases the dynamics with a bang. Without brakes, the "Damned Company" was very lively - it feels like the good old Return to Castle Wolfenstein on the engineQ3Engine . Fast, cheerful and even simple, does not burden and does not tire.

In addition to the usual shooting and running, as in any other shooter, in the new NecroVisioN you can fly on an authentic Halberstadt CL.II biplane (the developers are very proud of the level with the airplane, as if it alone could diversify the whole project). I managed to play this mission and to be honest, I was not impressed by it. Firstly, because it is still a very traditional first-person shooter - with guns, with jumps, with first-aid kits. This is not an aviation action movie - which is why even Heroes over Europe giggles at NecroVisioN... The aircraft is controlled very clumsily, in a simple way - we steer in all directions with the mouse, adjust the speed on the keyboard. The opponents are all outrageously stupid, and the task is boring. We shoot down planes on the ground, then in the air - the computer does not offer any resistance. Or rather, nothing to make it interesting. Difficult - you are always welcome, but interesting - figs for you.

As for the new weapon, it will naturally be (well, otherwise it would be stupid, don't you think?). It was said about six species, but I did not manage to notice anything new. All the same submachine guns, different rifles, some machine guns ... Maybe there is something among them? In general, even in a personal conversation, it did not work out to find out what had appeared. We clicked, twisted - and there are all the same vampire weapons, already familiar pistols, bundles of grenades ... Even if there is something, the new types of killers will not have much effect on the gameplay. The magic demonic hand will not have any additional features either; it is, in fact, very sad, because there weren't many of them anyway.

I can't miss one more new enemy - people from "1C"with burning eyes they persuaded him to look. This is a werewolf - at first it attacks with a pretty dog, which seems to be outwardly not very dangerous. But as soon as you bother her with something of a gunshot, she immediately turns into an evil three-meter werewolf. It bites - well, it really hurts, and it also glows eerily red. I didn't spoil the delight of the producers - they really like wolves, and we've already seen this a long time ago and many, many times. Well, okay.

Let's summarize all the information that we managed to collect. First, you need to understand that the new NecroVisioN will not be able to create any miracles. Yes, the Friv game does not slow down, but this did not make it more technologically advanced and beautiful. The textures, as they were not a fountain, remained. The general gamut, although it should escalate the atmosphere, is more conducive to melancholy and boredom - gray, dark and gloomy locations do not please or captivate at all. In the last part, hell was bright and cute, but here it is still unknown whether it will be.

The low graphical level is supported by the luridly shiny weapons. It does not seem natural, not even a bit of realism is felt, the sound does not help this either - the age-old problems remain here as well. Oh yes, this little dexterous leg is still with us! The hero's main melee attack - the gnarled left leg - is still useful. It's funny, though, that he can beat and walk at the same time - truly our omnipotent ... whatever his name is.

The third flaw, which can be judged already now, is the plot. Prequels don't have any nonlinearity at all, so cross it out right away. Plus, we already know what will happen in the end - even in the annotation for the Friv game it says that the main character is the Necromancer boss from the original. There we kill him at the beginning of the Friv game - an unenviable fate. The motivation, frankly speaking, is also weak, which is why the universal zombification happened, we already know. Who is to blame - too. Even the forces of evil themselves were punished in the last part, so what is the interest in passing?

What is the bottom line? NecroVisioN grew and got stronger under the wing of 1C, but the entity could not defeat it. And I probably didn't try. "Cursed company"will be just an average Friv game without ambition and grabbing stars from the sky. And she is not trying to break into heavy weight - she only gives us a pure hardcore action movie, half-forgotten in recent years, in which the hero is armed with a hundred guns; eats first-aid kits like seeds; ready to single-handedly defeat everyone... and does it on a very large scale.